Almost one month ago we decided to start a 2K tournament. Today, we finally got a winner of our first NBA 2K20 Finsbury Bulls Tournament. Played on PS4, twelve players from our three teams played in a regular league and play offs. First of all, a draft took part in our Facebook page where the players chose the teams and they were allocated in two groups.

On the regular phase, all the teams played each other and the best four of each group got qualified for next round. The results were the following:

Group A.

  • L.A. Lakers – Joe
  • Houston Rockets – Mindaugas
  • Dallas Mavericks – Carlos
  • Portland Trail Blazers – Omar
  • Milwaukee Bucks – Luis
  • Denver Nuggets – Abraham

Group B.

  • L.A Clippers – Rubén
  • Brooklyn Nets – Alberto
  • Chicago Bulls – Sara
  • Golden State Warriors – Jose
  • Philadelphia 76ers – Samuel
  • Utah Jazz – David

After a really competitive regular phase of 30 games, were all the players tested theirselves the mini league was finish with really tied results and only one unbeaten player: Omar with Portland. The following picture show the stats. You can see all the games results on our Instagram Profile. In the next phase the order of games were: 1GROUPA VS 4GROUPB, 2GROUPA VS 3GROUPB, 3GROUPA VS 2GROUPB and 4GROUPA VS 1GROUPA.


On play offs, quarter finals were played to the best of out three games. On the first cross, Clippers could not do anything against Portland, winning both games easily by 20 points with the help of Liliard. On the same side Lakers and Nets fought each other in really tied games but, the win went to Brooklyn with a great Durant.

At the same time Nuggets won on the horn against Warriors with a great Jokic, 2-0 for Denver in two games. Something really different happened in the last play off were the Bucks of Giannis were not able to destroy Philadelphia defence, winning both games by 8 and 7 points respectively.

A few days later semi finals were played, once again at the best out of three games. Portland testes Nets for the very first time and against all the statistics, the unbeaten was beaten in two great games. In the other side, Philadelphia destroyed Denver with an average of +60 points for 76ers.

On the finals, the best out of five games. Philadelphia and Brooklyn again, game one started with a really tied score were Durant missed a lay up in the last second bringing the victory to Philadelphia for 62-63. Game two was another story with a clear winner: Philadelphia, 58-89 and 0-2 in the global. Brooklyn changed the chip and won away in a great game were the points from the paint won the 76ers triples, 75-80 for nets and 1-2 for Philadelphia. With all the participants betting for Brooklyn for game four, Samuel did not give any option and unlocked Alberto´s defence by 20 points, leading Philadelphia to the win.

Samuel is the winner of our first tournament with a balance of 11 wins and 2 lost.

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