Week 14 LBN 19/20 – Chronicle

Winter League is over, 14 games after Bulls say good bye to our first season.

Saturday, 7th of March at Bow School.

Reds were facing London 3nD at 11am, the following players were the ones to play against 3nD, second classified in the table after a great performance during the whole season: Cesari. L (2), Withey. J (3), Fernandez. D (4), Bover. MA (11), Borrego. CR (12), Guerreiro. D (14), Valdueza. M (17), Asiedu. J (21) and Paraleda. L (44).

Game started high intense, with a runaway by both teams. Reds, in fact were up thanks to a high percentage on the middle line by Paraleda (44) and Bover (11) finishing the first half down by 10 points.

Once the third quarter started 3nD played a full court press that give them a parcial of 14-0 that broke the match. Also, one of the most outstanding player, Asiedu (21) get his fourth foul at the really beginning. The late explosion of Cesari (2) was not enough to recover the game and the game finished with a big difference of 54 points.

Deserves to Highlight Bover, Paraleda and Cesari performance with more than 75% of the team points.

Ruben Borrego – Finsbury Bulls

After them Whites played against Viesulas BC, one of the most experienced teams in the league. The following white players formed the line up: Grech. E (8), Pérez. I (16), Wilson. S (18), Silvestre. A (20), Asiedu. J (21), Bethencourt. C (33), Paraleda. L (44), Pournaras. C (47) and Agha. O (77).

The team started kind of sleep going doing in the score board by 20 points after the first quarter. Thereafter, whites woke up and led by Asiedu. J (31 points) won 2 out of the 3 quarters remaining being only 9 points away five minutes before the final time.

Overall, Viesulas played with experience and scoring from the three point line. Whites increased the intensity of the game but it was not enough to defeat the Lithuanians and finished the game 82-98 for our opponent.

Ruben Borrego – Finsbury Bulls

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